Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Self Discovery of the internal thoughts

If you were watch me think, watch us think, young autistic people before the curse of Rain Man (espcially so) we would have been very odd. Our eyes would have never made contact with you but every once in awhile but they remain open and sometimes look up and to the right. (where some of our internal picutre thoughts appear).  This lack of eye contact is a buzzword and a defect, in contemporary autism and the out right signal of perfectly functioning autism in my book.   This is where old autism people like me, learned to look at discover and use and build upon our internal thoughts. While our eyes were OFF our brains were thinking with its own intenral thought system Temple Grandin called thinking in pictures.  In simple terms our OPTIC vision is shorted out, and then our brain display daydreams we think with.

Learning to think with those minds eye picutres is a very different process. Our teachers never knew we were doing anything more than ignoring them and not paying attention. In reality we were by happenstance teaching our selves an internal thought process most of mankind has never knowingly used. None of what we were doing was being taught to us, Our teachers never asked (they should have been able to) if we had a still or a motion picutre for that type of thought? They never were able to teach us projection thoughts, they allow us to become social and keep eye contact. They never knew to tell us to read our picture thoughts ,turn on the optic vision and check for the body language of who we were speaking to. In short they had no clue as did psychology  we were in another ball park inside our mind going back down the tunnel to the inner workings of the mind. 

Some years ago I seen a National Geographic Magazine (1960's edition) and it featured a cave person cave with drawing on the wall. I INSTANTLY seen the picture in the magazine as a  picture in picture thought an intenral thought that builds on Temple Grandin's still and motion picture work.  Was this a First grade class room chalkboard from centuries past frozen in time?  The caption described it as a dinner order and how to kill a buffalo for dinner.  Other autisitc like me mention the same picture if they seen it and it was just as stunning to them as it was me. Keep in mind we were all ignorant of each other and speak many different languages. If we are right and this was an internal thought process explained on a chalkboard it would mean the cave persons were teaching the same autism thoughts we self taught ourselves to their young. 

Once psychology sees how these internal thoughts play out they will also see how normal thoughts you use and know came to pass as well. Normal thoughts are streamlined autism ones. Normal thoughts are not much good at true thinking as they are already shortcuts. This why man has never been able to solve the big puzzles in his life, including the mind.  The really, really deep ones that make us Einstein have never been in a text book before but, might well have been on the cave wall.

I first knew I really different in Kindergarten, I was spaced out in picutre thought (didn't know it) and was Deaf and Blind as my internal picture thoughts developed or tired to.  Oh Yes, when we are picture thinking ,during the lack of eye contact we are in effect deaf and blind. Our Optic vision is indeed off as is our hearing. Our hearing goes into hyper mode and we only hear the slighest whisper or odd noise or the loudest scream during this time. Thus that gave rise to our keen senses. Blind people often are noted for the same keen hearing and indeed seeing the same picture thoughts we do. Once we heard the whisper, r odd noise our Brain Dropped the Picutre thought and allowed us to use OPTIC vision and normal senses to see if were going to get ran over or needed to move etc.

After awhile you get really good at bluffing your way in conversations and you discover Humans only have '99 conversations' and once you learn them and their patterns you can participate in almost any of them. When your picture thought is finished and you normal optic vision and senses return you find the conversation has moved on and you naturally learn to 'fit in' . As we really learned the lack of eye contact thoughts, we no longer needed the' 99 converstions'. 

Other big discoveries were Picture-in-Picture thoughts, Projection thoughs, they allow us to keep eye contact ,catch a ball, drive and more. 3 and 4 deminsion thoughts make us Einstein. ALL of these build on the work of Temple Grandin  who wrote Thinking in Pictures.  Of course contemporary psychology and autism don't know they are dealing with the keystone thoughts of the mind and in essance ignore Temple's stunning work. They certainly have no clue we build on her work and since this all new news and peer review is clueless to oue real achivement we remain hidden like all great discoveries in plain sight.
 Rich Shull on the blog The Living Missing Link- pre Rain Man Autism.

You Think in Pictures too- - let me connect you to your thoughts.

Most humans will swear they never think in pictures but you do and just don't know that you do. Here is a glaring example most everyone has experiencied.

You going along having a chat with someone and suddenly you are stopped cold, and in your minds eye you are looking at a picture of Uncle Joe. You have to stop the conversation and you are forced to say I can "Picutre Him" but can't place the name. Your OPTIC  vision is OFF and all you see is a grand minds eye picture of Joe. (think daydream) You either come up with the name and say, Oh that is Joe, or you bluff your way along as OPTIC vision returns and you continue your chat.

What you just seen first hand is one of the 100's upon 1000's of picture thoughts that play below the surface of the mind all the time. If science  could hook monitors to our brains and watch all the thoughts like these compile ,build and get converted to more words and thoughts as well as tap an emotional shortcut (a series of reaction picutre thoughts) it would get a view of the mind- from the inside.  There are 100's of Uncle Joe type thoughts playing below the surface of man's mind all the time- you never know it- until you are stuck and then forced to look at that minds eye picutre.  Evolution it seems blessed man with short cut flowing normal thoughts you indeed know as normal.  What we have figured out is a whole deep series of Uncle Joe thoughts that are building blocks of the mind.  No suprise here but, Alan Turing ,Father of the Computer, (1912-1954) WWII hero and a Gay autistic man and a visionary before his time simply copied his internal thoughts (a very good logical guess on my part, ) and made a mechanical version of them we know today as the computer. 

My Uncle Joe thoughts at one end are stupidly simple and tell me how to walk, chew gum, breathe, and at the other end of the scale they are 1500  3 and 4 deminsion deep picutre thoughts at one time of my inventions. A series of uncle joe type thoughts  ,daydream thoughts , form our personality traits, some form our abilities and even uncle joe type thoughts allow us to use words. If the internal thoughts are messed up and read backwards we are dyslexic. If we have 2-3-4 complete picutre thoughts, and our mind can't decide which one to talk about we stutter. Yes, the mind is that simple. If only science could hook monitors to our brain and you could watch your self think.   

Perhaps, someday when all these intenral thoughts are known and mapped and charted psychology will be the most effective tool in man's arsonel. I can see were man could be cured of narcissiam, serial killers, Savants (well figure them out) , I can see where picture thought classes in pre school and grammar schools could prevent the need for most of special education and even speech therapory. I can see an honest look at the intenral code of the mind, once all this is mapped ,as being a great predictor of the most successfull field a person might do. It could tell you if you are gay ,straight, male ,fe male (in terms of Transgender people) and even explain the details of ESP, people not listening in conversation (yes they are picutre thinking internally and not ignoring you on purpose) as well as everything the mind does.  Again man's mind is not pretty glamorus, or the jewell we hoped it would be. We share so much of it with our other aminal cousions- even parriots use our speech picture thoughts- or do we use theirs? 

I know this sounds like hogwash but I have had 40 years experience figuring out the not so obvious and stumbled upon your normal thoughts in the process of me coming up from the bottom of the gene pool. Man is so used to his version of normal he has no clue his toughts he know are shortcut thoughts. Since they are shortcuts, he has no clue the deep one that make him work are so bold and hidden in plain sight.

All of these thoughts and our insights take place during our lack of eye contact thoughts process--- the same place I just described is where your "uncle joe" minds eye thought came from ---- Our Default thought process is your Uncle Joe Type thoughts, these are where Temple Grandin Thinks in Pictures. If psychology could and would follow us down that learning hallway it would open up the vast human mind.   If all of the people in my living anthropology were united from all over the world, it would go miles in proving we all had the same internal thought code (as you do) and all of us learned the building blocks of the mind and  we all came up with the same normal thoughts like you use. We just did the long hand version of it.

Rich Shull on the Blog The Living Missing Link   / Pre Rain Man Autism      

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lack of Eye Contact -looking in the mind

Both OLD and New era autism are all torqued up over the "lack of eye contact" displayed by most autism students.  Old figured out autism like I learned by happenstance (and had the chance to do it) has proven to be the long hand looking inside the mind  thoughts that make normal thoughts function.  These never in print before thoughts link everything psycholgy from retardation, to dyslexia to stuttering to Einstein and autistic savants and indeed normal people together. If all of this theory  is proven and holds water someday Psychology will be able to solve everything from serial killers to depression.  More an that later as the blog develops now we need to start at ground zero.

Autism teachers and parents for sure know the lack of eye contact displayed by autistic students.  The Enigma  a book, by Andrew Hodges (1983) the Biography of Alan Truing describes it as well as Alan was in school in the 1920's. Contemporary autism gives pills galore, for it. Old Autism Parents and teachers like mine learned to wait for the eye contact to return before moving on, knowing it was worthless to talk to us. They DID NOT know however why.  The Why is what we have figured out. It is the topic of this blog and indeed the living missing link.

When we display the LACK of eye contact, our OPTIC vision is OFF. Yes our eyes are off. Our brains play threw the Optic nerve (guess) picutre thoughts that we need to identifiy ,then learn to use and convert to normal thoughts like you know as well ,normal. Your thoughts are the shortcut thoughts we figure out AFTER we learn the lack of eye contact thoughts.  These thoughts if they were known about reach into the depths of the mind and map every part of the human mind. As far as psychology is concerned the earth is still very flat in 2010 as I write this. The layer upon layer of photos that complie, build and translate (Thinking in Picutres by Temple Grandin) into normal thoughts, just like you use.  Once Psychology learns these thoughts and how to use them EVERYONE could be Einstein. Every human mind condition from narcissiam to stuttering to dyslexia will have a simple flowing explanation. The explanation is picture thoughts. Perhaps someday school will start out with the internal picutre thoughts, and then proceed with the ABC's and 123 where we start today. With this insight the Savant in the movie Rain Man would have been normal.

While we learned a never in print before thought system, visable only to us we inadvertently discovered the path into the depths of the human mind. Man will very humbled with this discovery as his brain will prove to be nothing more than a photo album that talks. When it is discovered there is no real differance between any of us brain power wise and Emotions are lightening rod for all of mankinds errors man will look like a fool to himself.  I told you this blog was going to be a humbling experience.        

The Living Missing Link

It stands to reason the Living Missing Link had to be right here in plain sight, and indeed here it is. 

I am Rich Shull, from the America's and I was born in 1962. I was lucky enough to miss the curse of moden autism and thus I was absently able to climb up from the bottom of the gene pool, like Alan Truing (1912-1954) did. He was father of the computer and WWII hero. The Boy from Alverez, Victor was one of us as well. Victor was a fereal child of the 1600's caputred by hunters and examined by the best of medicine to discover nothing to speak of. All of what we have done from Victor to Alan Turing to my self and the likes of  Autism's Temple Grandin (author Thinking in Pictures) did is just the blueprinted (yes) building blocks of the mind.  Autism is both MR/DD and Einstein and everything psychology all figured out.

I was offically diagnosed Autistic at the age of 35 to the older stricter autism standards. My story is repeated time and again by my counterparts from all over the globe. Many of us now pass the Mensa IQ tests but we all started out in Special Education. While were there on the bottom of the gene pool looking up we inadverently discovered ABC and the 123's were normal thoughts like we eventually figured out BUT our default thoughts were picture based. In other words we use your daydreams to think with- well a version of them. Savants like the character Rain Man are just reading their photographic memory, they realte to you their internal daydream pcutre thoughts. They can do that well but lack the social clues to be normal. If these internal thoughts were totally figured out and taught in a proper school Rain Man would have been normal.  BUILD on the work of Temple Grandin like we do and once we learn her thoughts and add to them we yield normal thoughts just like you use. Normal thoughts are just short cut thoughts ------ this is VITAL and why normal thinkers from psychologst to doctors of all type have never discovered what we have.  It is why they never will as they never walked a mile in our shoes. Experts of all types have never knowingly experienced the internal thoughts of the mind like we have. They have no clue the mind can't do a lot of what they expect it might do or why it  doesn't.   

 I know of at least 200 more like me , we all met online, and most of us do some sort of normal life and all of us have figured out picture thoughts and take them to the threshold of normal thoughts just like you use. These thoughts are insight into the mind and explanation for everything psychology. Sadly if I'm right and these are the building block thoughts of the mind man's mind; his mind is not all that impressive. In fact it is more like a big photo album that talks. Even Parriots use the same simple thoughts to talk with we do.

Please read over this blog as it grows and share the discovery of the living missing link. Lot of my information is from older bigger long term Blog , Pre Rain Man Autism. This blog includes X-rays of my Pain free Injures and details of my Turing Motor a Green triple hybrid Car motor and discussion of current day autism politics Post Rain Man the Movie.